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How We Started

To ask your questions, please refer to the contact details below to reach us.

About Health Station

Our business is located in Harlem, New York. The idea came about when we noticed the lack of healthier options within the urban community. We started off selling fresh black seeded organic watermelon (which we still currently sell) during the summer.

Our team often talks to our customers about the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables within the community. We felt we needed to do something to bring this food dessert to our customers. Thanks to our business, people shouldn't have to walk or drive far just to get a smoothie, a good salad, or a fresh bowl of fruit. Additionally, we support ordering platforms, such as Uber Eats.


In 2018, Tyrell Dixon and Kiana Miles started Health Station. We began connecting with Mt Pleasant Farms in Preston, Maryland which allowed us to get fresh fruits and vegetables.

We want to ensure that we are providing our community with the freshest ingredients possible. In the beginning, we sold mainly fruit bowls, smoothies, juices, salads, and paninis. We later expanded our menu to include fruit and yogurt parfaits, wraps, grilled chicken platters, and lemon ginger shots.

Our store also features soursop shots, living bitter shots, and more. We take pride in offering our community a variety of fresh food options as we believe in providing excellent customer service.

Our goal is to be able to put Health Station branches across neighborhoods. Currently, we’re located near Harlem hospital. You can check out our Instagram for updates on our location. 

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